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Missouri Maternity Insurance Plans
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My husband owns his own business and I am a stay-at-home mom. We wanted to have another child, but our health plan had a $5,000 deductible.  We figured out that we would have to save up over $416 every month for 12 months in order to save that much. Not exactly in our budget. Were we ever glad that we contacted this website! Greg showed us a supplemental plan that fit our budget and helped us pay for all the extra costs of having a baby.  We didn't have to put off our family because of finances.  All of my friends know about it now.
- Susan B.
"I purchased a supplemental health insurance plan with the intention of using it for maternity down the road. Unfortunately I had a serious accident and shattered my left elbow. I ended up receiving over $22,000 in checks from my supplemental health insurance plan for the days I spent in the hospital!  These plans cover medically necessary hospitalizations in addition to maternity! Am I ever glad I had this plan when I needed it.
Michelle R.
"My employer has a great insurance plan that covers maternity with a normal $500 deductible and 80/20 coinsurance coverage. I was able to get 100% of my out of pocket expenses covered and had money left over to cover expenses while I was recovering from the delivery.
Tanya K.

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Missouri Maternity Insurance Plans
I want to have a baby... What about insurance?
Great maternity options for
Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona,
Ohio & Missouri
residents.. Stay tuned for more States!

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Arizona   Idaho   Missouri  Ohio  Nevada  Utah

What maternity options are best for me?
We provide only the  very best supplemental maternity plans that work best with the health plan you may already have, or we can help you get a better one!
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We also offer great Health Insurance Plans too!

What are the best Health Insurance options?
We will quote you the very best health plans that work best with the maternity options that fit your needs.
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General Instructions:  Print out the claim form and attach a copy of the hospital bill to the form.  Fill out the form describing the dates of service in the hospital and your policy information.  Call the number below with questions.


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